Five essential reasons not to miss Grassland & Muck 2017

Farmers are increasingly focusing on making the most of their grassland in a bid to boost margins, and a day at the Grassland & Muck event will help them do just that. With over 250 exhibitors, working machinery demonstrations, and plenty of expert advice, it is sure to benefit every farm business.

The event, partnered by Yara, only takes place every three years and offers a unique opportunity to gather the latest information and solutions to maximise productivity and returns. Here are five top reasons not to miss the 2017 event:

  1. Sown variety plots & expert advice

Grassland & Muck is the perfect opportunity to compare varieties in the growing plots – including drought and flood tolerant species – and examine the new Recommended List which will include 11 new varieties and will be unveiled at the event. There will be over 100 plots on display, including clovers, herbal leys and hybrid crosses. Plus all the experts will be on hand to help you make the best management decisions for your grassland, including fertiliser planning, disease and weed control.

The free forum programme will also feature the latest advice on how to get the most from your grass. Topics include reseeding decisions, boosting grass yields and quality, manure management and improving milk, beef and sheep production from grazed grass and forage.

  1. Working machinery demonstrations

Seeing the newest machines in action over 190 acres of a purpose grown silage sward really is an impressive sight, and the best way to choose appropriate equipment for your farm. All the leading manufacturers will be there with the very latest forage harvesters, balers, mowers, wrappers and telehandlers. Two working silage clamps will feature a range of grass handling machinery, with experts on hand to discuss how clamp design and management contribute to achieving the best quality silage. In addition, 21 muck spreaders, slurry tankers and injectors will be spreading over 200t of manure in timed demonstrations across the two days.

  1. Soil and nutrient advice

Effective management of your grassland soils and organic manures can make a huge difference to grassland productivity and profitability. A host of experts will be offering free advice in the Soil and Nutrient Advice Clinic, focusing on soil structure and drainage, and helping solve your cultivation or nutrient management problems. “There are a huge number of soils that need attention, and some really straightforward gaps to be plugged,” says Yara’s Jon Telfer.

The newly released RB209 handbook includes key changes to nutrient calculations, while ADAS’s John Williams will be speaking about manure management to maximise nutrient use efficiency in the forum programme. “Slurry and muck is a hugely valuable source of nutrients,” he says. “Treat your muck like the valuable fertiliser it is and it will undoubtedly save you a lot of money.”

  1. Trade stands

More than 200 trade stands will be showcasing a wide range of the latest products, equipment and advice, from slurry handling to livestock handling; cow mats to computer software and seeds to sward lifters. Whatever you are looking for, there will be someone on hand who can help you out.

  1. Grazing feature

Rotational grazing can deliver real performance benefits and a new feature at the 2017 event will demonstrate the principles with sheep on a purpose grown herbal ley. A host of experts will be on hand to answer your questions from seed choice to temporary fencing solutions and how it could be applied on your farm.


Plan your day and save £4 on adult tickets by booking online before noon on 22nd May at