PR worth publishing

At Agri-hub we like to play to our strengths. We’d be lost in the glamorous world of London PR agencies. But we do have a huge breadth of agricultural knowledge and contacts, so we can lend that expertise to other PR firms who are in need of a helping hand with their rural clients. See some of our work here.

The world of PR is changing. As the number of journalists in the UK declines, the number of PR professionals continues to grow. But with the rise of social media we are busier than ever, so spending time researching and writing feature articles can be just one job too far. We can help you by writing one-off articles and placing them in national and regional farming publications.

Although many PR agencies are proactive about article placement, Agri-hub can help increase your rates of success. That’s because we have a two-way dialogue with key editors in the farming and rural press. Not only do we pitch ideas to section heads to secure editorial space, we take direct commission requests and feed them back to PR firms, helping to raise their clients’ profiles even further. See what our clients think of us.

We also offer a press release hub, whereby clients can upload their own press releases for a small monthly fee, to be seen by a broad range of national and regional farming publications, both on and via a regular e-newsletter. For more information just get in touch – we’re happy to talk.