We are a group of experienced journalists and PR consultants, specialising in agriculture and the rural sector. Subjects covered range from technical livestock articles to detailed arable or horticultural features. We also have expertise in farm machinery and equipment, consumer-facing articles and business topics. We are all members of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists (BGAJ), which provides opportunities for professional development through training, networking events and awards. Whatever your media needs, we can fulfil them.

Agri-hub Team

Olivia Cooper – Founder of Agri-hub. Olivia is an award-winning journalist and PR consultant, specialising in rural and agricultural business promotion. She is a regular contributor to Farmers Weekly, Farmers Guardian, and other specialist publications. She is former chair of the BGAJ and is an accredited CIPR practitioner.

A life-long motor racing enthusiast, from April to September Olivia can be found on the UK  hillclimb scene. In 2021, she travelled to Braga, Portugal to race as part of Team GB in the FIA European Hillclimb Masters and was crowned Masters Ladies’ Champion. She lives in Devon with her husband and teenage twins, who are now learning the hillclimb ropes.

Contact: [email protected] or 01392 840009
Twitter: @OliviaCoop1227       LinkedIn: Olivia Cooper


Ruth Wills – Ruth joined the team in 2018 with a degree in Rural Business Management. Living on a dairy farm, livestock is at the heart of her journalistic interests. Supporting British farmers by helping tell their stories has seen her become a 2021 IFAJ Young Leader, travelling to Kentucky to attend and report from the Alltech ONE Conference.

Keeping her company at her home office is 2.5 year old Huntaway cross, Freddie. Ruth has grown a social media following as a talented content creator, her feeds often feature delicious feasts, coastal views, and of course, dairy cows.

“I love my job because every day is different and completely unique – no two days are the same,” says Ruth. “One day I could be writing about arable rotations, the next I’m brainstorming social media content for a client, and then out on farm the day after.

“The thing about agriculture is that it is always changing and evolving – there are always new things to learn. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel with my job, which has been incredible; because farming is present in every country worldwide, the possibilities are endless.”

And teamwork inspires our ambitions as individuals, adds Ruth. “We have a wonderful, supportive team at Agri-hub and I feel very lucky to work alongside such talented people (who bring biscuits).”

Contact: [email protected] or 07772 889080.
Twitter: @farmerruth   LinkedIn: Ruth Wills


Natalie Noble – Natalie joined the team in 2019 with previous careers in veterinary nursing and animal nutrition. Working from the office – but on farm when possible – she enjoys connecting with the industry and its communities through journalism and PR. Natalie is passionate about British farming and showcasing the opportunities for young people; alongside Ruth she joined the NFU’s Farmers for Schools programme in 2022. She is incredibly proud of the success of the Dirt & Discovery initiative that, in partnership with NFU Education and the Cereals Event, hosted 60 school students from areas lacking access and career pathways into agriculture.

Outside of work, she enjoys exploring on her paddleboard. She can also talk your ear off about flowers and is enjoying the challenge of taking on her first allotment.

Working in ag-media is so fulfilling, says Natalie. “I’m extremely passionate about British farming and there is no better way to learn, listen, and communicate on matters that are important to UK growers and producers – and the wider public.”

Seeing agriculture from different perspectives and in different parts of the world also adds to the variety of work, she explains. “I find it very exciting to be out on farm, seeing how and what can be learnt – it’s also interesting to learn how culture and history has influenced farming practices and rural communities.

“And it’s great being a part of a supportive and fun team; sharing our experiences and achievements, it benefits both us and our clients too.”

Contact: [email protected] or 07776 234994.                                                                                                                                            Twitter: @Natalie_Agri   LinkedIn: Natalie Noble


Heather – Olivia’s family whippet, full of mischief – when not snoozing for 23 hours of the day – she has a pretty impressive turn of speed! Queen of the office and morale booster extraordinaire, she is a coach potato of the very best sort. Heather became a mother in February; the world is certainly a much better place for having more Heathers in it.





Fern – Agri-hub’s newest four-legged recruit. Daughter of Heather, she is all kinds of fun with a good slosh of mischief. When she’s not busy recreating Phar Lap’s greatest race, or impersonating an alligator, she’ll often be found in a full whippet-wrap with Heather, or blissing out having a proper cwtch with one of the two-legged team members.