Elevation rises to the top of the list

A new UK-bred oilseed rape variety looks set to top the AHDB’s candidate list again this year – boasting top-class yields and a strong all-round profile.

Heading up trial results in the northern region for the past four years, DLF Seeds’ latest home-bred offering – Elevation – will provide a good option for those growers seeking high performance, says Clive Sutton, business development manager at DLF Seeds. “Elevation currently tops the gross output performance of all varieties in the North – and what has really stood out is its ability to consistently produce high yields,” he explains.

Elevation doesn’t just stack up in official trials – farmers have also been pleased with the results, says Rob Barrie, regional business manager at Anglia Grain Services. “Feedback from growers has been that Elevation is high yielding and has a good oil content – but also noticeably large seeds, with a thousand grain weight of 6gms plus.”

This means that, although it is a low biomass variety – and is therefore easy to harvest – Elevation doesn’t compromise on output. “It is a low biomass type but has a very high yield potential due to the quality of the seed pod and the thousand grain weight,” explains Mr Sutton. “When you put Elevation through the combine it runs easily and with a combination of high seed yields and oil content, has the potential to produce very high gross output.”

In agronomic terms, Elevation offers a solid all-round package. “It is short to medium height and stiff strawed,” says Mr Sutton. “It is medium in terms of flowering and maturity, and shows a favourable disease resistance profile for use throughout the UK.”

This is reflected by the variety’s strong performance in untreated trials. “It has done exceptionally well in untreated trials, which is incredibly important – we are confident that Elevation will become a market-leading choice for oilseed rape growers.”

Given the tightness of many farmers’ gross margins, there is the added bonus that being a conventional variety, Elevation offers the opportunity to cut costs through farm saved seed, says Mr Sutton. “Elevation is born and bred in the UK and with its consistent performance across all regions it is sure to be a popular choice.”