Great new products at the British Pig & Poultry Fair

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. But innovators in the pig and poultry sectors are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve animal health, welfare and efficiencies. Attracting exhibitors from all over the world, the British Pig & Poultry Fair will be showcasing the latest and best products available to producers.

“Almost three-quarters of visitors to the Fair come to see new products, with 64% planning to make a purchase as a result,” explains event organiser Alice Bell. “It can be hard to fit everything into one day at the event, so we will again be running the New Product Innovation Trail to make it easy to compare cutting-edge developments. With more than 40 poultry and 30 pig products entered, ranging from new designs to reduce feather pecking to poison-free vermin control, there is something to solve many on-farm challenges.”

Below we profile a selection of new products which will be featured.

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health – HatchPak IB H120 NeO

For active immunisation of day-old chicks to reduce infection with the Massachusetts serotype of Infectious Bronchitis virus. The effervescent NeO tablets reduce the risk of stock solution contamination and, when compared to glass vials, the small blister packs make vaccine management safer for operators, take up less room in the fridge and reduce packaging waste by 90%.

Vencomatic Poultry UK – The Pecking Pan

A 2-year MSC study and 3-year trials have proven that Pecking Pans for chicks/pullets can provide a long-lasting environment enrichment which may reduce injurious pecking, reduce plumage damage and enhance bird welfare.

Farmex – dicam 2

Next generation environmental control and integrated real-time data capture for farmers. Applicable to any building type, stage of production or ventilation system. Backward compatible with existing dicam controls; remotely accessible from your smartphone, tablet or laptop; complete flexibility; a future proof system for agriculture.

IMV Technologies – BACTIBAG

Safety for pig semen performance. BactiBag, a new semen packaging flatpack, is coated on its inside with BactiGuard. When in contact with bacteria, BactiGuard intercalates itself into bacterial cell membranes. This prevents the bacteria population from growing and has specific action against Gram- bacteria, making them more sensitive to antibiotics. The end result is improved safety for the semen’s reproductive performance.

Teagle Machinery Ltd – Tomahawk 500B Turbo Mill

Aimed at pig and poultry enterprises who require consistently short chopped straw, the 500B processes material outside the building, reducing entry of vehicles and people. Material distribution can be through a fixed manifold system and/or flexible pipe. The tractor-mounted machine is remotely controlled. The high output turbo fan delivers precision milled material at a rate determined by the operator.

Collinson – Cyclone Bio

The Cyclone Bio provides farmers with a new bio-security management tool. Mounted on the feed silo leg and connected to the exhaust pipe via a hose, dust generated during pneumatic filling is collected in the cyclone eliminating dust around the silo base, which previously attracted wild birds and vermin with threat of disease. A robust slide enables straightforward emptying after filling. 

BODO Ltd – poison free rodent control

Multiple capture of live rodents which automatically resets itself. Helps eliminate the use of poisons on the farm, which has led to some adverse publicity in the perceived secondary poisoning of wildlife. Eliminates workforce training in the use of poisons, no need for rodent contractors entering your farm as a bio-security risk. 

Agricultural LED Lighting Ltd – LINK-LIGHT

The most up-to-date LED and control technologies packaged within an easy to install plug-and-play link cable system. UK designed and manufactured specifically for the poultry industry. Energy saving, flicker free, maximum control, easy to fit, 100,000+ LED life expectancy.

Schippers UK Ltd – MS Hatchfog

MS Hatchfog ultra is a unique combination of fogging and disinfection product for hatcheries. The disinfection product has a 100% kill of fungi, viruses and bacteria. It has no effect on the materials in the surrounding area, and is much safer than formaldehyde. The fogging application takes care of a 100% contact between disinfection and egg and does not result in wet eggs.

EASYFIX – EASYFIX Enrichment Range

Environmental Enrichment reduces aggressive behaviour. The Luna and Astro range of enrichment devices are made from high-quality natural rubber, are designed for piglets, weaners and sows to provide environmental enrichment, reducing aggressive behaviour in pigs.

JF McKenna Ltd – Fancom eYeGrow

Automatic weight monitor for finishers. The 3D camera continually monitors and registers the animals and feeds information back to a computer to accurately calculate weight. Unlike manual weighing, this is completely stress-free for the animals. eYeGrow prevents growth dip and requires no additional labour input. It fits perfectly into existing houses.

  • The British Pig & Poultry Fair is the leading event for the UK pig, poultry and egg sectors, and will be held on 15-16 May 2018 at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Partnered by ABN the Fair is free to attend, to register and plan your visit go to For a full list of the products featuring in the New Products Innovation Trail, see