Keep abreast of the latest developments at the Dairy Show

Keeping abreast of the latest technological developments ensures farmers remain ahead of the game – and they can do just that at this year’s Dairy Show.

The largest dairy show in the UK, it is a one-stop-shop for producers to get an idea of where they want to take their farms in the future, says Alan Lyons, head of shows. “Whether you are looking for increased mechanisation, the latest smartphone apps and technical advice, or to update current equipment – you can find it all at the Dairy Show.”

Here’s a taste of what visitors can expect to see at this year’s Show.

Micron Bio-Systems – Stand 269

Feed quality is critical to animal health, and Micron Bio-Systems will be showcasing its new MycoCheckUp app at the Show, helping producers assess the risk of mycotoxins to health, performance and profitability.

Specialists will also be on hand to assess silage quality and discuss the firm’s multi-functional inoculant range – Advance. Visitors can also learn about its nutritional supplement, Immuguard, which helps to support immunity in calves.

Pearce Seeds – Stand 178

For producers after an easy and efficient post-milking teat dip procedure, Pearce Dairy will have Cotswold Dairy’s new PureDipper at the Show. The device offers gold-standard product application with the SupaSpray pump and trigger lance, which applies product onto teats reliably and consistently.

DeLaval – Stand 95

With at least three new products launching at the Dairy Show, DeLaval has plenty on offer for visitors.

Labour and quality of life are big issues in the dairy industry, so producers will be keen to see the new robotic milking system on the scene: the DeLaval VMS milking system V300.

It has up to a 99% teat spray hit rate, real quarter milking, a 10% higher capacity than the previous model and lower running costs. It also has a 99.8% attachment rate, 50% faster attachment time and the potential to milk over 3,500 litres a day.

“We have both an obligation and an opportunity to contribute to better milking practices, directly aiming at helping farmers with their daily challenges,” explains Joakim Rosengren, president and CEO at DeLaval.

For those wanting to optimise feed intake, DeLaval’s new robotic feed pusher can help with just that. The OptiDuo remixes and repositions feed to help increase feed intake and reduce waste, while saving time. It can mix all kinds of feeds including any TMR, straw, hay and fresh grass.

“Technology like this has the potential to ensure that dairy cows have continual access to a well-mixed diet,” says Dr Trevor DeVries, professor at the University of Guelph. “This should not only help to ensure maximal dry matter intake, but minimise feed sorting, and allow cows more time for lying down and ruminating.”

DeLaval is also showcasing its new farm management app: DeLaval DelPro Companion. Complementing the DelPro Farm Manager it displays animal information and supports working routines, automatically synchronising with DelPro Companion from the farm server to your mobile device.

Vuxxx GmbH – Stand 198

Vuxxx will be bringing the first ever bicarbonate pill for calves to this year’s Show. The Bi-PILL is for calves with diarrhoea, to buffer acidosis in the blood and rumen, getting calves drinking again. Vuxxx estimates the cost of diarrhoea in light cases at €108 (£97) and €268 (£240) in severe cases, whereas calves can be immediately treated as soon as symptoms occur for as little as €4 (£3.60) with Bi-PILL.

Volac – Stand 237

Designed to meet the evolving demands of calves, Volac will be bringing its Lifeguard range of milk formulas to the Dairy Show. Based on concentrate whey proteins – which make up most of the protein content in colostrum – the new formulas incorporate the highest quality ingredients.

A new addition to the Lifeguard range, Blossom Hi-Spec is formulated with Imunopro, which contains lysine and leucine amino acids – crucial for muscle synthesis. It also includes Volac’s new Nutry-Lyst health package: A blend of natural ingredients shown to support carbohydrate uptake. Butyrate – recognised for its antibacterial properties and as an energy source for intestinal cells – is also part of the formulation, which has been shown to enhance digestive performance.

Volac has also launched a new platform to help farmers monitor performance, with a calf growth app and website both being demonstrated at the Show. The smartphone app allows producers to record and monitor individual calf growth rates against pre-set targets, while the ‘Feed for Growth’ website contains practical advice on calf needs as well as how to put a growth plan together.

Garston Vets – Stand 281

Garston Vets is launching a new initiative at this year’s Dairy Show, designed to help producers improve their herd health. Garston Proactive Farmers identifies strengths and weaknesses on each farm and comes up with a tailored approach to maximise returns. The service will target areas where the biggest gains can be made, will provide benchmarking analysis and ensure farm assurance requirements are met.

King Feeders – Stand 10

King Feeders UK will be bringing its new version of the King Feeder wagon to the Show. The latest model chops straw and silage to a fine product, eliminating the need to chop straw prior to mixing. It can cut and mix whole bales, forage, straw, bundles, wet products and any other type of ingredient needed to prepare the ration, even with partial loads. It guarantees a perfectly homogeneous mix in half the time with 40% less power than traditional systems.

  • The Dairy Show will be held on 3 October at the Royal Bath & West Showground. Schedules for show classes are now available online, and advance saver tickets can be purchased from


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