Trimble introduces elite Vantage dealer network to the UK

Farmers are now able to access all their precision farming needs in one place – regardless of the brands in their machinery fleet – following the introduction of Trimble’s Vantage network in the UK.

The new network will give customers a one-stop shop for all their precision farming requirements – irrespective of their machinery brand. “Vantage dealers have a deep understanding of all precision agriculture and machinery brands, and the ability to work with farmers as a trusted adviser,” says Séverine Brisset, regional sales manager at Trimble. “As such, they can provide integrated, end-to-end solutions inclusive of hardware, software, positioning services and data for each operation’s unique needs.”

Cambridgeshire-based AS Communications is the first UK dealer to obtain Vantage status, offering customers a hub for precision technology and advice that works across their entire machinery fleet. “Through Vantage we can bring a holistic approach to the concept of precision agriculture,” explains Ms Brisset. “By integrating all the technology at work on a farm – including hardware from other brands in the market – we can link software, services, data management and the machine. It’s a big change for our customers.”

Trimble technology has developed rapidly in recent years to anticipate the changing demands of the agricultural market, with new products and software enabling an integrated precision farming package. “It doesn’t matter what colour tractor or brand of equipment you are using, our technology and advice will fit with your entire fleet,” says Ms Brisset. “Precision agriculture has developed way beyond auto-steer, and Vantage offers a comprehensive solutions hub.”

AS Communications – which will be rebranding as Vantage England & Wales – celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019 and has undergone considerable development over the past 12 months, says general manager David Bowman. “We have relocated to substantially better premises and are appointing key staff to allow for that expansion. Becoming a Vantage dealer is a major part of that growth – it’s a direct recognition of the journey we’re taking,” he explains.

As a premier distributor, the firm will have access to a wider range of products and top-level support to offer an improved solution for farming customers, says Mr Bowman. “So far we’ve offered hardware and guidance systems – now we’re moving into the data management side.” By stocking complementary products the business can provide an integrated precision package.

Trimble plans to continue rolling out its Vantage network globally in the next two years, adds Ms Brisset. “Through Vantage we are doing what is best for our customers and best for agriculture.”