Organic producers can now benefit from approved biostimulants

Organic farmers can now make use of two unique biostimulants to improve crop health and productivity, following their approval by Organic Farmers & Growers.

“C-Weed 50 and C-Weed AAA are the first Olmix-Micromix products to achieve organic certification, meaning farmers can now use them to improve crop establishment, protect against disease and drought stress, and stimulate growth and overall yields,” explains sales manager Chris Gamble.

“Interest in our biostimulants has soared in recent years, as comprehensive trials data and scientific research has proven their benefits beyond all doubt.

“I’ve had many discussions with organic farmers in the UK who are keen to adopt this technology, so I’m delighted that we have now secured official approval.”

Both products contain a highly concentrated extract of the algae Ascophyllum nodosum, which has unique marine-based compounds that alleviate stress and stimulate growth in land plants.

C-Weed AAA also has additional plant-based amino acids which are essential for cell growth.

“Olmix harvests the algae only during periods of rapid growth, and uses a cool extraction process – this ensures that the natural biostimulant compounds remain intact and are not denatured by heat,” adds Mr Gamble.

“C-Weed has been extensively trialled and is proven to be far more active than any other algae-derived products on the market, meaning it can be used at significantly lower application rates, saving both time and money.”

Both products can be used in a tank mix with micronutrients or other organic treatments, and can be used throughout the season to support the plant at different growth stages, from establishment and rooting to flowering.

“Proven results include increased rooting and leaf growth, higher yields and quality, and elevated resistance to pests and diseases,” says Mr Gamble.

“C-Weed also has strong anti-stress properties, boosting plant health and productivity during times of drought or other abiotic stress.”

Many conventional farmers across the UK and Europe use C-Weed to support crop health and productivity, particularly at times of stress – now organic producers can do the same, he adds.

“We are now in the process of securing certification for a wide range of other natural products, meaning we’ll soon be able to offer organic producers a complete package of plant care.”