End-to-end analysis offers true environmental security

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Demand for independent environmental testing has soared in recent years, with every sector having to measure, manage and improve their environmental impact.

Whether it’s an agrochemical company checking the safety of its products, a water authority analysing biosolids, a landfill site monitoring leachate, or a farmer analysing their soil, accurate sampling and laboratory work is vital.

Now, businesses can access the full range of analytical services from just one provider, streamlining efficiencies and ensuring all work is carried out to the highest accredited standards.

Cawood Scientific, which is the UK’s largest independent provider of analytical laboratory services for the land-based industries, has expanded significantly in the past two years, broadening the spectrum of scientific analysis available to clients across a wide array of sectors.

But sometimes it pays to specialise, and that’s why its subsidiaries each focus on their areas of expertise, employing the best staff and technology available.

“Cawood now provides a complete, independent and UK-based analytical solution across agriculture testing and environmental monitoring,” explains managing director Simon Parrington.

“Each division provides best in class customer service and sound science giving a great combination of national scale and local expertise for each sector that we serve.”

So what areas of expertise do Cawood’s subsidiaries encompass? Enitial – which offers environmental monitoring and support – covers a wide breadth, from newt surveys and invasive plant control to air quality analysis, habitat management, soil sampling, water testing and contaminated land services.

“We have also written our own apps to improve quality assurance,” explains Leo Phillips, business development manager at Enitial. When soil sampling, the app records where and when the samples are taken, ensuring complete traceability and accuracy.

“We are UKAS accredited and externally audited to make sure our techniques are defensible, repeatable and reliable, offering customers ultimate peace of mind.”

Farmers are increasingly using biosolids on their land as a soil improver – and Enitial carries out soil testing to ensure compliance with industry standards, while its sister companies NRM and Sci-Tech cover the other end of the supply chain.

“Within the group we can provide a complete service – from testing for pathogens and heavy metals to biosolid nutrient content, right through to soil sampling and analysis,” explains Sean Stevenson, commercial director at NRM.

“By using such end-to-end analyses, water companies, farmers, and environmental bodies can rest safe in the knowledge that they are making the most efficient use of resources within a highly sustainable supply chain.”

The organisation also ensures that agrochemicals being used on farms are safe, with Southampton-based Mambo-Tox testing agrochemicals for companies and consultants all over the world.

“Regulatory authorities want to know what side effects agrochemicals like pesticides have on non-target organisms,” explains general manager Stephen Vinall. “We test new products and formulations to make sure they don’t harm arthropods like ladybirds, worms, bees and spiders.

“We are very specialist in this area and our knowledge and interpretation of data makes it easier for our clients to make sound business decisions. Now we are part of the Cawood group, clients can make use of our other testing capabilities; each providing niche expertise within the broader business context.”

For more information visit www.cawoodscientific.uk.com.