Putting sprayers through their paces at Cereals

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It is a critical time for UK farmers, tasked with improving the efficiency and accuracy of chemical sprays. When making large investments into new spraying equipment it is vital to choose the correct machine for farm size, terrain and type of crops grown.

That’s why Cereals 2021 has reprofiled the Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers arena to mimic real-life situations, with a bumpy track and sloped areas to really put the machines through their paces. With a full schedule of demonstrators showcasing the latest innovations and application technology there’s a host to see that could improve your business.

The latest sprayers will be tested on operator comfort, stability and self-levelling ability, weight, speed, sprayer height, boom length and crop application accuracy. Here are just some of the new additions to look out for.

altek Smart-C Spray

The new altek GPS-controlled “Smart-C-Spray 124” system allows operators to use all the latest efficient air-inclusion low drift nozzles in their plant protection applications.

This new alternative to PWM systems has many advanced features to ensure the most efficient and environmentally friendly spray applications. These include up to four spray lines capable of operating individually or in combination with others selected from the terminal, allowing for multiple nozzle selection and rates from the cab.

Auto Nozzle Select allows the spray lines to change nozzle size/combinations automatically to compensate for speed increase/application increase. Variable rate application, fast response to pressure and flow changes, flow monitoring and turn compensation add to the package, which can be retrofitted to most sprayer makes.


The new Pantera 4504 self-propelled sprayer is designed to set new standards in precision plant protection application and ease of operation This new generation focuses on increased work rates and reduced workload for the driver.

The new twin, pressure-stable and liquid-fertiliser proof AR piston diaphragm pumps, with a total output capacity of 520 litres/min, have been repositioned, reducing noise during the filling process while still offering a fill capacity of up to 700 litres/min.

The SmartCenter Comfort-Pack plus makes machine operation much easier with its touchscreen. The operator selects the desired function and the sprayer adjusts automatically, filling the spray agent and freshwater tanks to the required level or running an automatic cleaning programme, for example.

ContourControl active boom guidance and SwingStop boom tip swing compensation ensure the best boom ride, even at the larger working widths of 40m. This means higher forward speeds are possible during application, and – combined with the AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control – takes the sprayer to the highest level of precision.

John Deere

Mazzotti’s new compact self-propelled sprayer, the MAF 4080, makes its UK show debut at Cereals 2021. This 175hp 4000-litre capacity model features a new M-Spray dual-circuit solution system, a range of MK spray booms from 24 to 36m wide, John Deere spray controls, a new operator station and a high-performance hydrostatic 40 or 50kph transmission as standard.

John Deere will also be demonstrating the mid-range R740i trailed sprayer, promising precision and intelligent technology. This 4000-litre capacity machine offers boom widths from 18 to 30m, with premium features including a new multi-functional control lever, the Solution Command operator station and the proven PowrSpray dual-circuit solution system. This reduces filling times, improves spray application and increases accuracy.

This new sprayer is also available with a closed transfer system (CTS)-ready option, and can be equipped with an individual nozzle control system. This electronic solution allows customers to save up to 5% on the cost of plant protection products.

Knight Farm Machinery

Cereals 2021 will offer farmers the first opportunity to see the latest innovations from Knight Farm Machinery, which has revised many features of both its self-propelled and trailed sprayer ranges over the past two years.

The 1800 series self-propelled model now has a lower-set cab, lowering the machine’s centre of gravity. “The lower cab position enables us to offer a greater range of wider two-fold booms, which will cut folding/unfolding times and reduce machine weight – an important consideration for some customers,” says sales manager David Main.

The firm will also show the new 1850 self-propelled model featuring a 5,000-litre spray tank, to complement the smaller models already in the range.

It has also completely uprated the Trailblazer range, with Pro series machines including new innovations like a sprung drawbar, which offers a more even ride both on the road and in the field. The new design includes simplified plumbing, an air purge system, auto-clean water tank and new induction hopper which aids effective cleaning of the whole system.

Other recent innovations include introducing Series V engines across its self-propelled range; under-boom lighting to monitor spray performance in poor light conditions; single-nozzle switching systems and a boom-mounted nozzle cleaning/checking kit.


Syngenta will be introducing its new 3D Ninety nozzle at Cereals 2021. The pioneering nozzle has been specifically designed and engineered to better target spray application, while also reducing the risk of drift. Visitors will also be able to see the new EasyConnect closed transfer system in operation on new sprayers.

  • The Cereals Event will be held in Lincolnshire on 30 June – 1 July 2021 and will comply with all required biosecurity measures against Covid-19. For more information or to register for tickets visit cerealsevent.co.uk.