Farmers: Make your cash work harder

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Farmers traditionally reinvest any surplus cash straight back into the business, or hold it in a current account where typically no interest is paid – but their money could be working harder.

By using a separate savings account, farmers can earn interest on their cash while still having it readily available for use. In order to facilitate this, Oxbury, the agricultural bank, has just launched a new 35-day Notice Account, paying market-leading interest rates to help farm businesses get more from their money.

“At Oxbury, most of us have farming backgrounds, so we are truly dedicated to supporting British agriculture,” explains co-founder Tim Coates.

“We know cash is king and cashflow management is crucial. However, we believe any cash surplus should be working as hard as possible, so have introduced this new Notice Account to help farmers have the best of both worlds – earning decent interest rates while still having access to their cash within a month.”

The new 35-day Notice Account pays a rate of 0.71% – which includes an active farmer bonus – while the bank’s existing 95-day Notice Account pays 0.81%. There is also a one-year bond available to farmers, paying 0.86%.

“We do have savings accounts open to the public who want to support British farming, but these farm business accounts offer market-leading rates just for farmers,” says Mr Coates. “We understand the importance of supporting British farmers so everything we do is designed to help make their businesses better.”

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