See precision ag in action at the Highland Show

Trimble dealer SoilEssentials will be demonstrating a suite of innovative precision farming solutions at the Highland Show, including the first UK simulation of its new ISOBUS weather station.

The Field-IQ ISO weather station fits onto any tractor brand, giving real-time information on wind and gust speeds and direction, as well as temperature and relative air humidity, to enable instant decision-making while in the cab.

Internal temperature and barometric pressure sensors help predict changing weather patterns, and the station can also calculate the Delta T value, a standard indicator for determining acceptable spray conditions, demonstrating the droplet lifetime in relation to the evaporation rate.

“Having real-time weather information is extremely valuable, especially when growers are being urged to avoid drift as much as possible, so it’s useful for farmers to have that information at their fingertips,” says Rod Armour, sales manager at SoilEssentials.

“Weather information can also be logged for later review and documentation.”

Liquid ISOBUS control

Another new product to the UK market is Trimble’s Field-IQ ISOBUS ECU, designed for use on any implement applying liquids and which can be retrofitted to almost any sprayer, enabling section control, variable rate control and general sprayer management.

“We will have a simulator on our stand, with LEDs on the spray booms so that you can see how the ECU works to shut off individual sections to avoid overlaps and improve efficiencies,” says Mr Armour.

Steering control

Also being demonstrated on the simulator will be a range on automatic steering controls and guidance displays, including the state-of-the-art GFX-750 display and the mid-level CFX-750 display; which has been uprated to accept RangePoint RTX steering correction, giving 15cm pass-to-pass accuracy using GPS and GLONASS.

Farmers who are looking for a low-cost but high-performance steering system should take a peek at the EZ-Pilot Pro; a motor-driven option which can be fitted to any brand of tractor or combine.

“You can now reverse for up to 15 seconds to line up for the next pass, meaning you can benefit from high levels of accuracy from the second the implement engages,” says Mr Armour.

However, the gold standard of motor-driven systems is the Autopilot Motor Drive, he explains.

“A relatively recent addition, it can be quickly fitted to any vehicle and delivers highly accurate hands-free steering. It works at creeper speed and in reverse, and can steer implements through either the TrueTracker or TrueGuide implement steering and guidance systems.”

Another option being demonstrated is the Autopilot Automated Steering System, which can be directly fitted to Steer-Ready vehicles or retrofitted into the hydraulic system to make it Steer-Ready.

“This delivers the most accurate steering in any field type, with one-inch repeatability. It integrates directly into the hydraulics, leaving clear access to cab controls, and utilises terrain compensation technology for high accuracy on difficult slopes, enabling the operator to focus on the job ahead.”

Visitors to the Highland Show can visit Trimble on the SoilEssentials stand in Avenue Q.

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