Trimble partnership streamlines support

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Trimble Agriculture has partnered with TeamViewer to provide technical support to farmers even in the most remote working conditions. In the case of any technology issue, the support team can access the in-tractor display screen remotely and troubleshoot the problem, helping farmers to get back to work more quickly while delivering performance improvements.

The Trimble TMX-2050, GFX-750 and GFX-350 displays, on which TeamViewer can be accessed, are Android-based devices designed for precision agriculture. “TeamViewer enables us to connect with customers and give real time support without the need for lengthy travel,” explains Lee Clarke regional sales representative at Trimble Agriculture.

Although support staff could already view the Trimble displays remotely, they couldn’t directly control them, so would have to talk the farmer through the troubleshooting process step-by-step. Now, they can remotely log in and make the adjustments in real time. “Wherever tractor drivers are on farm they can access the information needed to make smart decisions on various tasks,” adds Mr Clarke.

Rob Hodgkins, a mixed sheep and arable farmer from Herefordshire, has successfully used the TeamViewer system on a couple of occasions.

One time was when using the RTK precision technology for drilling. “The system wasn’t set up specifically for our tracks, so it was leaving a little gap – I tried to find out how to fix it but on my own it was impossible,” explains Mr Hodgkins.

“Whilst on a call to a Trimble technician I hot spotted my phone to the display and opened TeamViewer, now the technician could see my display and successfully talked me through what needed changing.”

Like most farmers, if there is a problem it likely occurs in the middle of a field. “I’ll be trying to get harvest done, or drilling before the rain comes, so I’ll probably be stressed anyway,” says Mr Hodgkins. “If someone can just see what is happening on my screen and they have control over it in real time it makes it a lot easier.”

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